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It is absolutely free to use the app.

Exclusive for foodies

Unlike other social media platforms, we connect just foodies and wannabe foodies.

Earn rewards

Every action you do in app, you get to earn points leading to free gifts.

Widen network

We connect foodies from all over the world.


Your log in data is 100% safe.

Unlimited uploads

There is no upper limit to which you can participate in app.

About us

With over six thousand spoken languages in the world and countless artificially constructed codes and communication systems; photography serves as one of the most universally understood forms of communication.

Food deepens that communication, as it’s something that everyone can relate to. We all eat and have favourite dishes. It’s one of the few that everyone has in common.

Meals used to be a bonding experience where families or friends would eat together and talk about their day and whatnot; today, we live in a much more fast-paced society and that’s not always the way dinnertime pans out.People are eating on the go and or alone more often.

And now we have the technology that enables us bridge the gap between our dining experiences and shared lives.

When we enjoy the food so much, we snap a photo and upload on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and sometimes we just send them to our friends or family.

Whether they’ve been viewed by five or fifty people, every photo has a potential to trigger a conversation that we enjoy having.

Sharing a photo of our food is more about sharing the wider moment. They are the pictures that show moments of solace, pride and accomplishment, excitement, celebrations and joy.

And we at Foodies Guru uncomplicate this experience for food lovers all over the world. And, top it up with points for every action taken.

How does it work?

Step 1:
Share a food picture or respond to a food picture posted by someone else on Foodies Guru.

You can add a picture of food and post a question. Or, you can respond to the questions related to a picture uploaded by another another user. The questions asked are simple. for example, what type of food is it? Or, what restaurant it may be from?

Step 2:
Earn points for each action you take.

When you get the right answer to a question posted by anpther user, you are given plenty of points. Similarly, when you post a question, you get plenty of points.

Step 3:
Accumulate points and earn rewards.

You can spend the points you have earned by purchasing gift cards from popular restaurants. There is no limit on the number of rewards a person may claim in a day.

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At Foodies Guru, we believe each food picture shared and each conversation around it can make the world a much better shared place.

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